Tristan Dubois


For him, cinema is a vital source of motivation, his own pivotal life project. Embracing the art of cinema has become a defining purpose in his life.

Tristan was born in Switzerland in 1975. He moved to Quebec in 1984 with his family. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies, Tristan decided to study the art of acting to become a better director. In 2000, freshly out of the Montreal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Tristan landed a leading role in one of Quebec’s most popular television series, TRIBU.COM. In 2005, he was accepted as one of twenty-nine directors to attend the American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood. He had master class with Bertrand Tavernier, Cédric Klapish, Jan Kounen, Gavin Hood, Craig Brewer, Janusz Kaminsky, Emmanuel Lubeski, Allen Daviau, John Toll, Gill Denis...  Tristan directed many feature films, short films, music videos and commercials ads.